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When Edward R. Murrow’s now famous documentary, “Harvest of Shame,” was broadcast on national television Thanksgiving weekend, 1960, Americans were shocked by its depiction of the living and working conditions, and abject poverty, of those whose labor made them the best fed people on earth. Two years later, the Migrant Health Act was signed into law, and the movement that Honoring the Hands documents and celebrates was launched. Since then, thanks to the “passion, reason, and courage” of those who have committed themselves to that movement, there have been incremental improvements in the lives of migrant and seasonal farmworkers, but they remain largely hidden from view, and in the shadows of an economy that exploits their labor without rewarding it.

It is out fervent hope that the Honoring the Hands Project will help to raise high the visibility of farmworkers, and contribute to a better understanding of their contributions to the quality of life Americans enjoy and the important part they play in the American agricultural economy, and to a dialogue about their worth and dignity as human beings.

We invite you to join this effort, by spreading the word about Honoring the Hands. First, by making use of the films, and the website, and telling your friends and colleagues about these resources. And did we mention the importance of supporting these resources by making a contribution, and encouraging your friends, colleagues, agencies, and organizations to do so as well? Most of all, you can join us in honoring the hands that harvest your crops by insisting, in whatever ways you are able, that farmworkers be accorded the justice, dignity, and fair living and working conditions and wages that you would expect for yourself and your family.

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